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Hidden Waterfall in Pai, Dog Included

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

A Jungle Trek to the Mae Yen Waterfall in Thailand

Mae Yen Waterfall Trail Facts:

- 3km away from downtown Pai by scooter

- About 3 hours of hiking each way

- About 30 river crossings

- Free entrance

- Dry season is November-February, and most recommend hiking during this time, though we hiked this in June and had no problems

- Bring water, food, bug repellant, sunscreen, and shoes that you can get wet

- Most of the trail is flat, with a very steep push at the end. Overall, moderate difficulty

How to get there: Follow the main road and cross the bridge. There is a four way fork in the road, and you will take the one that is second from the left. The path turns to dirt, and you can park your scooter off to the side. You'll be walking from here.

And so our jungle trek began!

While we were waiting for our friends at the trailhead, a dog came right up to us and said hello. There's lots of stray dogs in Thailand, but this one had a collar, and she looked well fed.

Much to our surprise, when we began taking the path to the waterfall, the dog started walking in front of us, leading the way.

The trail is pretty flat, with a lot of river crossings, so make sure you wear shoes that you don't mind getting wet.

The dog patiently waited while we took pictures, and anytime we slowed down, she would come back and walk with us.

The falls are beautiful, with a pool at the bottom to swim in, and another pool that is easy to climb up to.

After we came back from Thailand, I discovered through the magic of social media that this dog has been taking travelers to the waterfall for years, making sure that no one gets lost. With or without the dog, I highly recommend the Mae Yen Waterfall for a short, safe jungle trek experience.

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