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Work from Home Opportunities

Working from home is a new, growing trend in today's world. Light is shed on this fact with the pandemic of COVID19. Companies are transitioning their employees to online workers at breakneck speeds, in high volumes. There has been varying levels of success with this transition, and many people now find themselves without jobs, or with severely limited hours.

If you or someone you know is looking for work that can be done from home, here is a list of remote job opportunities. If you know of others, please comment and share!

Varied Freelance Work

These are virtual job boards with postings for short term tasks, recurring projects, and full time contract work.The types of projects on these sites include, but are not limited to finance, administration, design, translation, writing, and programming.

If you don't feel like you have specialized skills, you can stretch yourself with some of these projects. It may be a challenge, but with sufficient planning, profile building, and research, there are viable sources of income for a variety of people. You may surprise yourself with what you bring to the table with these opportunities.


It's free to sign up, and Freelancer charges a 3% transaction fee.


There is no shortage of opportunities on this site. Guru charges about 9% for transaction fees.


This is one of the biggest, most reputable freelance job websites. Upwork takes 20% of your earnings, which can be avoided once you build relationships with clients.


Jobs start at $5, but there are varying tiers with higher job rates. This is a site to help build your portfolio, and introduce you to online freelance work. Fiverr takes 20% of your earnings.

There are so many more freelance sites for remote workers, but these are great starting places to see what work is available to you online.


There are a number of companies that are hiring for virtual transcribers. It may not be the best paid online job, but there is a high turnover rate for this type of work, so companies are continuously hiring.


This is an entry level transcription job. Rev provides new hires with training, and the projects will progress in difficulty as the transcriber gets more experience and demonstrates competency. There is varied subject matter to be transcribed.

Convert audio or video text, creating captions: $1.25/minute

Translate with foreign subtitles: $3-7/minute

VIQ - Formerly known as Transcription Express

Insurance, Legal, Corporate, Government, and Legal Transcription.

If you qualify, you will be told more about pay rates. They are currently hiring for Law Enforcement Transcription and Insurance Transcription.

English Teaching

Pay varies based on credentials and experience, and students range in age and English proficiency. A bachelor's degree is required for these jobs, as well as a TEFL certificate.

Since there are no national or international standards for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, any institution or company can offer a credible certificate. I got mine through Global Language Training on Groupon for $39. Once you have the certificate, there a number of opportunities to teach English online, though keep in mind that with having international clients, you may be working late at night or early in the morning.

The following list has opportunities to teach English to students all over the world from the comfort of your home. Students can be any age, any level of experience, and you can expect to be compensated $12-$25/hour. Lesson plans are created for teachers, and you simply direct the lesson according to the plan.

Teach Away

Student home base: China

Age range: Preschool-6th grade


Student home base: China

Age range: Kindergarten-9th grade


Student home base: China

Age range: Kindergarten-9th grade


Student home base: China

Age range: Kindergarten-6th grade

iTutor Group

Student home base: China, Taiwan

Age range: Preschool-Adults

Gogo Kid

Student home base: China

Age range: Kindergarten-6th grade

English Hunt

Student home base: Korea

Age range: Adult learners


Students are based all over the world, and this is a more personalized tutoring experience. The clients are primarily adult learners, and you have more freedom to teach refined English speaking skills on subjects that you are interested in. There is also more flexibility in the hours that you work, but your success making money through this program is dependent on you building a client base of students who are interested in learning from you.

Rosetta Stone is currently hiring for a virtual English language tutor. Glassdoor reports the salary at $17/hour.

This is an introduction to working remotely for those who are in need of, or are curious about work that can be done from home. Other options are very easy to research and find. There is a demand for copy writers, editors, data entry specialists, and virtual assistants as well, which won't be covered in this article.

How has quarantine affected your position? What are your thoughts on working remotely?

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